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It seems impossible that it could be January 1st, 2014. Where did the Spring, Summer, and Christmas go? 2013 was a difficult and busy year for my family. The loss of my dad, remodeling the home that he and mom lived in, and then moving from the home I have known for 21 years equals busy and a lot of grieving. Yet I am thankful for all the blessings amidst the chaos. I am blessed with a wonderful family, a wonderful church family, awesome friends, and blessings untold.

It is my prayer that in 2014 there will be no tragedies but I also know that life happens and time goes on at an ever increasing pace as I get older. It is my goal to make every day of 2014 count, that every day will be used for an opportunity to make life better for someone. It is my goal to grow closer to God, so close that I can always hear His still small voice above the crowd.

We have been given a New Year, an opportunity to make a difference, a chance to write a new book, one chapter, one page at a time. It is my prayer that no matter what happens, the pages of my book will be filled with joy and happiness but above all, peace that passes understanding.

Happy New Year.



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