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A letter from Pastor Ronnie to Out Of The Box WC – October 6th, 2013

OOTBWC Drumline October 2013

It was another great day at Out of the Box. 245 in worship and the music as always was over the top. So many great things happening, it’s hard to keep up. There are people desiring to be baptized and even more who are ready to join. Discipleship is happening in ways that I have never witnessed in my ministry over the past twenty plus years. Over the past couple of weeks 2 young people have brought their tithe to the church because they get paid mid week and want to make sure that God gets the first portion, that’s discipleship.

We made the announcement today that we are making some changes in children’s ministries. In June we added a 3rd worship service and our faithful volunteers stepped up and have worked hard to try and make children’s ministries the same for the second and third services. After 4 months it has proven to be too much for the number of volunteers that we have to continue providing the same ministries for the 10am and the 11:15am services. Our two greatest goals are to teach the children about Christ and to keep them safe.

We have determined for the immediate time to provide nursery and toddler ministry for all three services and all other age groups will only be at the 10am service. We have a van that has been running for the 11:15 but we will now change and run the van for the 10am service in order for all of the children who want to come to have that ministry.

Our goal is to do what we do and do it well. At this time we are not able to continue at the pace we have been moving with childrens ministry. Come and join us at 10am and bring your children and remember, children are always welcome and encouraged in our worship services and many parents choose to bring them already. When God brings the person or persons into our midst whom He has prepared to lead us further in expanding our childrens ministries, at that time we will expand. Until that time we will do what we can and do it well.

Thank you to all who lead at OOTBWC, your work matters for eternity and as your pastor I thank God for you. God is doing a GREAT work in and through you.

Pastor Ronnie



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