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Path 1 Summer Road Trip 2013

It isn’t pride in a bad way, it’s pride like a father who is proud of his children. I am proud of these people and what this church family is doing in Hillsville Virginia. Path 1 is the church planting arm of the United Methodist Church, last week a representative of Path 1 came for a visit. We sat around and talked about what the church downtown has meant to each one of us and the stories are amazing. For several OOTBWC was their last attempt to find a church where they could be fed and grow in their relationship with Christ. For some it was a place where they would be accepted just as who they are and not judged. For several it was the healing of their marriages and the hope for their families. For some it has been a place where they can use their gifts and talents. For every one is is a place where we have found Christ and a place of great joy.

I am proud of this group of people and the many others who couldn’t be with us that evening. God is doing a great work, lets us not get distracted.

Pastor Ronnie


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