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A letter from Pastor Ronnie to Out Of The Box WC – July 14th, 2013

258 people in worship today at Out Of The Box Worship Center. Just as an update that is 75 more people in worship than the same Sunday last year. OOTBWC people, you are making a DIFFERENCE. Since adding the third worship service the 1st Sunday of June we have averaged 40 to 70 more people each week in worship and that is unimaginable for the summer months. God is definitely at work among us and YOU are the ones He is using. Thank you for being faithful.

By the way, I have told everyone that I see how awesome you have been to me and my family through the tragic death of my dad. We are mourning, we are on an emotional roller coaster but your prayers, your visits, your kindness has been phenomenal. Thank you, I am watching you be the Church and I am a proud pastor.

Today one of my best friends spoke at OOTBWC, Tim Hawkins. Tim is a friend I made while going to Seminary and he did such a great job. His message was right on target, I now because so many of you have told me so. The Myth and Lie that everyone has to believe and act like me. Here are the points that Tim made today that we need to remember.

Give others permission to be different.

Keep your mouth shut and pray. (Don’t judge and don’t gossip)

Remember that God is still working on all of us.

Practice the discipline of confession. (Confession is good for a legalist)

Know the difference in the gospel according to YOU and the Gospel according to the New Testament.

I can’t wait to visit with Tim and New Song next month and to be able to see what God is doing in their new church plant there.

I want to brag on you one more time. A great friend and coworker in the Gospel visited our church this morning and here is what he had to say. His name is Kevin Richardson and he is one of the greatest pastors and evangelists that I know.

Hello OOTBWC! My name is Kevin, and I was @ your 11:15am service this morning. I want you to know I was very impressed with you as a congregation. As I was telling Pastor Ronnie, when I came up the side walk I really didn’t know where the entrance was and a man that introduced himself as “Gator” ask me if I was looking for OOTBWC and showed me where the door was and told me to grab a cup of coffee if I wanted. I was greeted by 11 more people in the course of my time in the foyer and before service. As a pastor myself, my heart was warmed by the way you treated me. You didn’t wait for the pastor to greet me and make me feel welcome (He did of course, he was the only one that knew me) you did it yourself. I just wanted you to know that I noticed and appreciated it. You doing this “Christ Follower” thing right.

Kevin Richardson
Pastor, East Tazewell Circuit UMC
Chaplain of Pocahontas State Correctional Center

P.S. The music and message was awesome too, but YOU was the one that made the impression on me.

I love you Out Of The Box and I am proud to be in ministry with you. You rock!

Pastor Ronnie

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