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Thinking about daddy…

daddy and samuel washing the car

This morning on my run I was thinking of all the things that my dad taught me and there is so much. I wish I had taken all of his advice from the time of my youth. I would actually be a very wealthy man right now if I had. However, we often have to learn the hard way. I am going to be writing about things I learned from my daddy over the next days and weeks. It seems to help me to reflect and see that daddy is still with us, we just have to wait until we get to heaven to actually be in his physical presence again and that won’t really be very long.

When Samuel was born, there was no question that he would be named after daddy, he even has his same initials. Our first grandson, Christopher is also named after dad, as well as a great-nephew and myself. We love our daddy and our papa and I think it is one of the greatest honors when your children and grandchildren are named after you.

I have noticed through the past 6 years that Samuel looks a lot like me and my dad. It struck me in this picture how much they seem alike to me. I know the average person may not see it but I do and that is really all that matters right now. The way Samuel is standing reminds me of my daddy. Just seeing the two of them together makes me smile.

I love you daddy.

Ronnie Gray Collins


July 8, 2013 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. I wish I could remember which picture it is of your dad — but at Pastor Ty’s last service at the main site I looked over to check on you guys while the video playing and I swear a younger Gray Collins was sitting there. You look just like him (at least very much so from the side) – you had your mouth open exactly like one of the pictures of him I’ve seen. Continuing to pray for you and the family – keep the stories coming – we love them.

    Comment by Judy | July 17, 2013 | Reply

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