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One week ago today, my world changed drastically.

One week ago today my dad went to be with Jesus. Some see that as a cliche but I don’t. You see I believe that the bible teaches when we leave this earthly body, when we take our last breath here, then we go immediately to our eternal home.

That home is described in many ways but one of the greatest descriptors is that we will be with our Christ. We will literally be in his presence. All the questions we had, we can ask them. All of the things we have wondered about here, we can finally know the answer.

Another description is that heaven is a place of rest. My daddy was tired. He hadn’t felt good in a number of years due to health issues. Dad also had a lot of stress on him that should not have been there.

I am glad that my daddy is with Jesus. Samuel said on the morning he died, “I’m glad papa died because now he is with Jesus and Keith.” This is real truth out of the mouth of babies. However, he quickly went from being thankful to tears and wanting his papa home with us. That’s where I’m at this morning to. I am glad he is resting but I wish he were here with us. I am sure one day when my turn comes I will understand why no one would ever want to come back here to this life of pain and trouble.

In almost 48 years I have never known life without daddy. Dad coached our little league ball teams as a kid. Daddy taught us to ride a bike. Daddy taught us how to work and make an honest living. Dad taught us to manage our money and never be slave to the lender. (Wish I have learned that one earlier)
One thing my dad did was to never worry about paying bills because he never was in debt for any period of time. He was the best money manager I have ever known.

Daddy lived simple, he drove his vehicles until they were most of the time ready for the junk yard. He wore the same clothes until the were threadbare. Not because he had to do these things but because worldly things had absolutely no hold on him. Not even money had a grip on him as later in his life he spent a lot trying to help family members who were in need.

We have talked a lot about daddy not being a Christian until later in life but I’m not really sure about that. My daddy was more like the picture of Christ that I see in the scripture than most Christians that I know. Dad hung out with those who had little and needed lots of help, he hung out with those who were definitely far from following Christ, test he wasn’t being like them, he was an example and he helped them. Dad would never let someone go hungry, he would never leave someone stranded, he would always give if there was a need.

Many of the vehicles I have bought through the years my dad paid cash for them and I would pay him back, he didn’t want me to pay interest that was unreasonable. Several times through the years when I would get into what I call “stupid debt” dad would loan me the money to keep me from paying high interest. Dad was always here for me.

Dad wasn’t one to say I love you a whole lot but you never doubted that he did. His love was filled with deeds he did for you because of his great love for us.

If I had a need, daddy was always there. Most of the time I didn’t need to ask, if he knew he just went into action.

I am who I am today because of my daddy and his great love for me and my family.

With all that said, it actually makes me feel better to write it all out. It helps me to put into perspective what I believe and teach others. It leans heavily on the faith that I have in a God who loves me even more than daddy does.

I miss my daddy. I have cried and I will cry more. They are not tears of unbelief, they are tears of great pain and sorrow. Jesus did the same thing in the garden. Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for us and we are to live our lives making sacrifices for others that they might live eternally.

Daddy lived his life making sacrifices for his family and many others. He truly understood that life wasn’t about things but it is about people.

I miss my daddy and I will until we get to heaven.m world has taken a drastic shift. Daddy isn’t there for me to go to physically but what he taught me is still there. The life that he made possible for me is one that I will pass on to my children. The lessons of great love for others and showing that love in deed and not in words is one that I will pass on to others.

Our family is hurting right now but we are healing. The great love that family and friends have poured out on has has been phenomenal, thank you. Our church family has been awesome and so have our neighbors. Thank you.



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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts & insights on a topic that troubles many of todays Christians. I too miss my Mom & Dad every day but trust that I’ll see them once again. God Bless. diane

    Comment by Diane Barth | June 30, 2013 | Reply

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