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Book Notes: Touching Heaven by Leanne Hadley

touching heaven


Heaven Up Close…

This is the best way that I know to describe this book and you will have to read the book to fully understand why I feel this way. Trust me, everybody needs to read this book. If you have children, you should read it. If you don’t have children you should read it. If you have children who are sick or unhealthy you should read this book and if you have healthy children you should read this book. If you faith in the God of the Bible or if you doubt, you should read this book. I don’t know how any human being could read this book and not be better for having read it!

I say wow a lot but at the end of this book I have to say, WOW! This is a book for everyone. I cried tears of sorrow, sadness and most of all tears of JOY. Joy because this book increased my faith. WOW!

Leanne is an Ordained Methodist Minister and I didn’t even know that when I downloaded the book. It is the story of where she served as a chaplain while in seminary and how her life was impacted by children who were terminally ill. The book is filled with death but it isn’t what you might think, it is the death in this life that releases us into our Eternal Life.

If you only read one book this year, you should read this book.

Religious, non-religious, doubter, person of faith, professional, parent, grand parent, nurse, doctor, pastor, laity, or young person. I dare you to read it and come away changed, encouraged, and motivated.



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