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Book Notes: Running and Being by George Sheehan

running and being


Running and Being is a book that was first published in 1978 and stayed on the New York Times Best Seller List for 14 weeks. Now in 2013, the book has been republished with some new thoughts added by his family. I don’t doubt that this book will once be a best seller in the world of runners. I found it to be inspirational, encouraging, and motivating.

George has shared in this book what running meant to him. It was for him as it is many others including myself a respite from the chaos of this world. In a world where there is such hustle and bustle, pain and suffering, there are places that each of us find where we can get away with our thoughts and just meditate and reflect, for George it was running.

The book is what I call poetic, written in such a way as to tell a story and still a little mysterious. By mysterious I mean that George shares a lot about his life, his running, and he makes many remarks about his faith in the God of the Bible. He doesn’t do it from any great theological place but rather a very practical place.

If you have thought about running but just haven’t found the courage, this is a great place to make the decision whether or not it is for you. If you are a runner and just need some encouragement, this is a great book to read, not only read but hunker down with and relish the battles and victories of someone who has been there and done it with all his might.

Great book, I give it 5 stars.



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