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A letter from Pastor Ronnie to Out Of The Box WC – May 19th, 2013

First of all, Sunday was an AWESOME day! It was my wife’s birthday, Happy Birthday Misty (Age?). It was the day we decided to celebrate our youngest sons birthday, Judah turned 4 on May 14th. It was also the day we celebrated our 1st ever Wedding held at Out Of The Box Worship Center. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Brandon and Caroline Kendrick.

Wedding Caroline Brandon 1

237 people were in worship downtown on Sunday morning. This is really amazing because we had a LOT of regular attenders who were missing on Sunday morning. We had a boat load of new people, 1st time guests, WOW.

I love you Church!

Pastor Ronnie

We handled a very important TRUTH on Sunday, it was the TRUTH that Anger will wreck your life. Here is a reminder of what we talked about and remember that the sermon video will be up later today.

Anger is not a sin, it is the emotional response to a hurt. What can be sinful is our reaction or response to anger.

Paul said, in your anger, do not sin.

There are SPEWERS and STEWERS.

God said, a fool gives full vent to his or her anger. Spewers

Scripture says when a person bottles it all up and doesn’t deal with it, anger will rot our bones. Stewers

So how do we handle anger?

#1. Put out the flame, walk away, take the exit, take a cool down.

#2. Pray that God will give you a Sanctified Anger

Sanctified anger is what makes God angry. Things like injustice, hunger, poverty, and people that need to know Christ and don’t. 

Here are a few tweets for your perusal.

RT @brendag074 You’ll be mad if you miss this Sunday at Out of the Box Worship Center. (The sermon’s on anger) #ootbwc

RT @j_holderfield Get angry about something worth getting angry about. Not something trivial. #ootbwc

RT @TheGuyOfGod Sinful anger should be put out like a bad flame. #ootbwc

RT @laurasova When you get mad & lash out-what comes out of your mouth comes from your heart. #ootbwc

RT @j_holderfield Two kinds of angry people. Spewer, and stewer. What are you? #ootbwc

RT @TheGuyOfGod Anger itself is not a sin, but it’s what we do with that anger that defines it as sinful or not. #ootbwc

RT @BethKing93 We live in an angry world #ootbwc

RT @TheGuyOfGod One easy way to wreck your life: Anger.

Another AWESOME message at out of the box on main street in Hillsville this a.m….Don’t let anger put a stranglehold on your life,and try to never take anger to bed with you….O happy day O happy day!!!!!

Judah and Casey




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