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James Emery White @NCP2013

Notes from James Emery White’s message this morning at the National Conference on Preaching.

What set Jesus apart?

John 4:34 The Message
John 5:30
John 6:38
John 7:28-29
John 8:16
John 12:44-45
John 13:20
John 14:24

Jesus was sent.

What was Jesus sent for?

Luke 15:1 NIV

Jesus spends time with sinners, people of ill repute. People that lived very far from God. These people were captivated by him and yet he never watered down Gods Word.

At the same time the religious leaders met at the side and said what is wrong with this Guy. He even acts like he likes these people.

Jesus was so ticked off he told three stories to set the religious leaders straight.

The lost sheep.
The lost coin.
The lost son.

All of the stories are about a God who is working so hard to bring his children who are lost, back home.

Jesus mission on this planet was clear, what was lost, mattered! He was here to find the lost. When you love something that is missing, you will do whatever it takes to find it.

Have you ever out a child for a time? Nothing matters more in that moment than finding your child. You are Gods child, He wants to be in relationship with you more than anything else in the world.

This is the heart of God. He is in permanent search mode. Here is nothing more critical in the world and when he finds someone, it is PARTY Mode.

At that moment the angels, all those who have died in Christ go into PARTY Mode.

Matthew 18:14
Luke 14:23

Jesus was sent on a MISSION!

Then Jesus said this to those who were found.

John 20:21 – Jesus now sends us on the same mission. Wow

Church, you have been called and commissioned for one thing and that is to be SENT!

The church has the curse of knowledge. We have forgotten what it is like to be lost.

Anyone who calls on the name of The Lord will be saved. And they will be saved because of those of us who are sent.
Romans 10:13-15

Where is your urgency? God wants us to be aggressive in telling people. Where is your hunger? Where is your passion?

The great danger of our day is Not Caring!

Most people say they believe in hell, but you’re not living like it!

Does your life and the way you live show that you believe in hell?

Is your VISION the same one as Jesus?


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