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A letter from Pastor Ronnie to Out Of The Box WC – May 12th, 2013


What an awesome day! We celebrated Mothers Day, Graduation Day, Birthdays, and most of all, we celebrated Jesus. We celebrated a God who Created us, who Loves us, and who has Good plans for us. We celebrated the one and only True God. I am amazed as I walk in Out Of The Box Worship Center week after week and experience the Spirit of God at work.

Today we started a new 3 week series, “3 Easy Steps To Wreck Your Life,” and the message today was on the subject of worry. By the way, the definition of worry is to be placed in a strangle hold. Worry will spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and eventually strangle the life out of us if we allow it.

There is not one benefit to worry, as a matter of fact the Bible tells us that worry is a sin. It is the sin of not trusting God. Remember the whoa’s of worry…

The more worried you are that you might get sick, the more likely it is that you will, or if you do get sick that you’ll end up sicker, or even dead, from an illness you might have survived if you just didn’t worry so much. The more worried you are about the health of your heart, the more damage you do to your heart. The more worried you are about losing your memory, the more your memory fades.

All kinds of sickness comes from worry, too many to list. I believe the biggest whoa of worry is not trusting God and missing out on His blessings.

Remember the three things that we have to get deep inside of us in order to defeat worry…

I will do what God tells me to do.

I will give to God what I cannot do.

I will trust God, no matter what happens.

I am praying for every person who is part of OOTBWC this week that you will take control of worry. You pray for me.

Here are a few tweets…

RT @brendag074 Love it when my Pastor says he isn’t gonna give us an out. Dont disguise worry under a veil of “concern”. Cast your cares on Him! #ootbwc

RT @brendag074 We CAN’T lay our troubles down and then snatch em back cause He doesn’t microwave an answer. Trust His wisdom and authority #timing #ootbwc

RT @KeithMusser The opposite of worry is faith. Don’t worry about the things to come let everything unfold as God has them already planned for you.

RT @j_holderfield White farm boy from Southwest Va singing reggae in CHURCH! #ootbwc #thatjusthappened #dontworrybehappy

RT @TheGuyOfGod Worry is one of the greatest tools Satan uses to stop you. The opposite of faith is worry.

RT @TheGuyOfGod Worry not only has a negative effect on you physically, it drains you spiritual.

RT @MattColtHall the word worry comes from an old german word that means “to strangle the life out of you.”

Keith Jackson:

Great things happening at Out of the Box 9 o’clock service this morning!! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!don’t worry……. be happy!!!:-)
Ronnie Mothers Day 2013
I love you guys and I can’t wait until we can be together again next week and learn about ANGER! 
Pastor Ronnie

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