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Journal App for iPad “MacJournal”

I am leading several people through a Discipleship Ministry that we are using at my church and in this weeks Bible Study I was bothered by the fact that several times through life I have started to journal and then stopped, never to pick it back up again. Let me say up front, the Bible does not command us to journal. However, it is a great discipline to begin and carry through on for many reasons. It can serve as a reminder for you to see where you have prayed for things and God has answered those prayers. It can help you to focus on things that often slip through our busy minds. There are many reasons.

In some way my blog has been my journal but that isn’t the only purpose that it serves. That is what I liked when I decided one more time to start the journaling process. This App allows me to journal and then post that journal entry to my Blog if I should choose to do so. I like that. It may just keep me encouraged to finally pick up the journaling process and stick with it. I wish that I had kept a journal all of my Christian life, it would be invaluable to me know if I had the ability to see where I was and how the growth process has taken place.

Maybe you will have an interest as well. MacJournal is easy to use and it was $5.99 on iTunes.


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