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Book Notes: Transforming Church In Rural America by Shannon O’Dell

transforming church in rural america


Great, inspirational, challenging. The greatest concept in the book is “God didn’t invite us to this, He Called us to this.” Therefore we fight the never ending battles that confront us.

Shannon O’Dell is changing the face of some rural churches in Arkansas and beyond. He is making a way where there seemed to be no way, or God is making the way and Shannon is following Him. This is a really good book, I really enjoyed the seriousness of the subject, the faithfulness of the witness and the humor of the human. It made me laugh a lot as Shannon has learned to laugh when silly and hurtful things happen. Though it is not easy, it is what he has been called to and so have I.

If you think there is no hope for your church and no possibility of growth, you need to read this book where lots of unexpected things have happened and God gets all the credit.

This book is for those who believe there is no hope for the small rural church steeped in tradition. There just might be a revival about to happen with the removal of some sacred cows.



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