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Bold Prayers Honor God and God Honors Bold Prayers-Sex-Same-Sex-Alcohol-and Your SIN

bold prayers honor God

I’ve been reading the news this morning and then I’ve been reading facebook and twitter posts. I have even received several text messages this week from people who are saddened by the state of our world. I too and saddened by where we find ourselves, I am even more saddened to know that I have been in the past part of the problem and can sometimes still be.

We are threatened with war from many sources, we are threatened by financial ruin, not only from a government stand point but from a personal standpoint as well. We are threatened by people in our own Country who want to inflict greater and greater harm, sadness, and pain.

I have seen many pictures, posts, protests, and lots of name calling regarding the issue before the supreme court on benefits for same-sex couples.

And we scratch our heads and ask, :What is this world coming to?”

Here is an answer that maybe you didn’t expect.

Our world is coming to a conclusive point where Christians, me included, do not follow what we say we believe. We say that we believe that God is love, yet we don’t love the people around us. We say that we believe God gave his son so that we can spend eternity in heaven, yet we live as if this world is all that we have. We say that we are so blessed to have the forgiveness of God, yet we won’t forgive those who have wronged us, even for little, trivial  and silly things. We make excuses for our behavior.

Sex is what consummates a marriage so I will sleep with my significant other and we’re married. (That’s an excuse you tell yourself so that you can live as you want and spit in the face of God) (You forget about the covenant that you will be together forever as one, in good and bad, for better and for worse, and the worse will come.)

The Bible says not to be drunk but it doesn’t say we can’t drink. (The Bible also says to stay away from the appearance of evil, to not place temptation before you.) (You think you are justified while ruining your testimony and your own life, not to mention the lives of those around you. As a Christian, you are not expected to be perfect but you are expected to not place stumbling blocks in front of others.) Do not use your freedom to sin and cause others to do even worse.

The Bible says that God is a God of Love, God so loved the world that he sent Jesus. So, if God is a God of love, I can live contrary to what scripture says is God’s standard. I can have sex with who I want, anytime I want, in any form and fashion that I want. (If you make this argument, don’t be surprised when people begin to fight for their right to have sex with minors and all kinds of other acts.) (Go ahead and say I am going overboard, then wait. You won’t have to wait long.)

I a praying a BOLD PRAYER. I am asking God to make an example of Carroll County Virginia, this is the County in which I live. I am asking God to show Himself strong and that those who name the name of Christ will have REVIVAL. You see Revival is not something where people who don’t know Christ come to know Him, it is where those who know Him and claim Him decide to repent of their ways and follow Him. They decide to Fall In Love With Him, all over again. I dream of this community taking a stand for what is right and I don’t mean by that we will take up signs and say God hates anyone or anything, but rather we will start loving our neighbor, that we will start being kind to people who aren’t like us, that we will start helping those in need, that we will stop making excuses for our behavior. If you are a Christian, it is my prayer that you, along with me will take responsibility for the way things are and stop blaming it on those others who are doing it. Let’s grow up and be who we are called to be.

I would ask that you share this with everybody in your friend list and lets pray together for a Revival that will rival anything that has ever been experienced, time really is short, whether it is Christs return or our death, time is short.


no perfect people allowed (3)


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  1. Carrol County virginia Revival, will be added to my prayer list..

    Comment by Ann Stoebe | March 27, 2013 | Reply

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