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Book Notes: Rich Church Poor Church by Clif Christopher

Rich Church Poor Church


I am attending a Stewardship Training this next week in Townsend Tennessee so I am immersing myself in the matter of money and the church for the next couple of weeks. I read “Not Your Parents Offering Plate” by Christopher last year and liked the book pretty good but I like this one much better. I actually liked being able to read it in the Kindle as it is a new book.

I am not sure that Christopher is the best expert on the matter, there is a lot more I would like to see regarding the 21st century and how people in this generation prefer to give. There is a good piece on the fact that anyone over 80 today still gives to the church because it is the thing to do and they will give based on budgets and how much is needed. The culture today needs to see the good that is being accomplished before they will give and I understand that logic.

Over all this is a great book, one that I will definitely use to help lead the church where I serve. Every church and pastor could benefit from reading this one and an excellent one to read as a team.

“This book was written because we do not give as Christ taught us to give, and that is because Jesus is not yet the Lord of our lives.”

“The church finds itself in serious trouble financially, not so much because of a lack of money, but because of a lack of passion and commitment to One other than ourselves.”

This last quote is tragic and the one I will leave with you to chew on.

“United Methodists give an average of 1 percent of their income to the church.”


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