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Book Notes: The Surprise Factor by Kim Shockley and Paul Nixon

Surprise Factor


“In this book, we have discussed ten strategies for leadership, especially appropriate for the moments in which a significant change in direction or momentum is desired in the life of a faith community. Since most established American churches are now on the back side of the plateau or declining, major shifts are needed in most places.”

Paul Nixon is my coach in New Church Planting and he is a coach for Path1, the church planting arm of the United Methodist Church. Paul and Kim have done a great job in this book addressing some of the most common issues facing the church today.

“In this book, rather than mapping out what to do literally, we have focused entirely on strategy itself—in particular, ten surprising, refreshing, disorienting moves that a leader can make to open up new possibilities for a community’s future. We have drawn these strategies from the gospel itself, right out of the playbook of Jesus—who, in addition to being our Savior, ranks as one of the most brilliant community organizers of all time.”

The book is written in conversational style and is a fast read with lots of good practical tips to getting a church going in the right direction. As with anything, there are no quick fixes but Kim and Paul in this book share some helpful advise that will work pretty fast if one has the nerve to do what needs to be done.

This is a great book to get a pastor and church thinking and moving in the right direction. Most of it seems so simple yet church after church is riddled with the issues addressed in this book. This is a great one for the leadership team to work through together.




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