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Book Notes: Aqua Church 2.0 by Leonard Sweet

Aqua Church 2.0


“Our goal in the church must go beyond surviving to thriving in this new culture.” Leonard Sweet


Leonard Sweet is a prophetic voice in and for the church in 2013. It is my opinion based on what we are seeing in church decline in the 21st century that every pastor should get this book and go through it with their leaders. Either embrace what Sweet is saying or deny that he speaks the truth and continue to decline. Most churches today that are growing and vital are doing things different. Leonard Sweet in Aqua Church 2.0 will tell you the areas that we are going to have to take action and think different to get the church back on track to win the world.

“We must provide Jesus’ message in forms and language people in today’s culture can understand and embrace.” Leonard Sweet

I already know many people will not read this book based on the fact I said you are going to have to do things different. I personally know many preachers who detest anyone saying the way we have done church for the past 75 years will no longer work. I know pastors who have no desire to learn new ways to reach people with the gospel. I know preachers who long for the good old days and have lost their joy in ministry because the old ways are not being productive any longer.

“We must develop ministries that continually adjust and change with our continually changing culture.” Leonard Sweet

Maybe God is calling these great men and women in another direction and that’s not a bad thing. God needs people in all aspects of ministry but the ministry of the church in 2013 is taking on lots of change because the culture around us has taken on change. Before you criticize me and say we are not to become like the culture, realize that the church in every age has ministered in their culture. The message of the gospel, the good news, never changes but the method of sharing that message is ever changing. Sweet has done an outstanding job with this book.

“USAmericans today are more open to the supernatural—to spiritual things—than they’ve been for several generations. Even with the hostility toward the church and organized religion via Christopher Hitchens and the new atheism, people are still interested in spiritual things. The reality is the church is the last place they’d look for something “spiritual.” More possibilities are available to us today for accomplishing our task than ever before. And God is still God! Our job is to serve our Creator and Sustainer God by presenting Jesus in containers out of which others will be clamoring to drink.”

Leonard Sweet

Hands down, great resource. Read it and be inspired!


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