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2013 Holston Conference Convocation with Leonard Sweet

The first evening of Convocation was Awesome. The evening started with “Lifted” from Ooltewah UMC and they did an outstanding job with leading us in worship. Leonard Sweet then spoke about our United Methodist Story, our Connection, and our ability or inability to connect and communicate with the culture. It was outstanding and here are a few of my thoughts and Leonard’s quotes from last night.

There are so few words that never grow old, Jesus.

“If your hearts have been strangely warmed, then you should be on fire.” Leonard Sweet

“One of the greatest mission fields today is the United States.” Leonard Sweet

#Holston UMC Convocation Leonard Sweet @lensweet talking about communicating with our culture. Eye opening-let those who have eyes open them.

“You are more likely to remember a song than a sermon.” Charles Wesley

“My identity is not as a leader, my identity is as a follower of Christ.”@lensweet

“Simplexity” As I get older my theology gets more complex and my faith becomes more simple.” @lensweet

“Since when did the church become the prosecuting attorney?”@lensweet

I am passionate about a person, he is Jesus.

Sweet stoked a fire that is already burning in my soul. We pondered the fact that people learn in different ways in different cultures. We pondered that Jesus communicated in story and so many of us don’t even understand our story, the story of the Bible. What a great night.


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