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A letter from Pastor Ronnie to Out Of The Box WC – February 17th, 2013

236 in worship on a cold snowy day, and all the people said: I want to go to heaven but I don’t want to go today. (smile)

It was a great day of worship with a little taste of Kenny Chesney from the worship team. You just never know what you will hear from this awesome group. FUMC Downtown is a church Outside the box.

We started our series “The End” today. We looked at some promises that we have in scripture and to be really honest, I am excited. I am excited to take a look at the future and the reward that we will receive. I’m not talking about the crowns that I mentioned today, I am talking about spending eternity in heaven, on a new earth, with God. I cannot imagine and I am sure neither can you.

No more pain, no more disease, no more death. WOW

I hope the message today causes you to love God more and to long for His appearing. It is my greatest hope that we will live every day looking for his return. Not that we stop living here, we have to continue in the struggle, we have to continue in the mission we have been left here to tend. Let’s tend it well, let’s pray for joy, strength, long suffering, patience, but let’s also pray for his soon return.

I hope to see you next Sunday when we will see more of what the Bible has to say about our ETERNAL HOME.

Some things to remember:

There is going to be an end to the world as we know it.

There will be some kind of cataclysmic, apocalyptic end.

No one knows the day it will happen so write off the date setters.

We can however study scripture and know the signs of the end.

Jesus is coming again and it really does matter how you live.

Pastor Ronnie

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