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Book Notes: How Good Is Good Enough by Andy Stanley

How good is good enough


I picked this book up to read for some illustrations in a sermon I am doing this Sunday, “My God Forgives Me.” This is the second time I have read the book because it is one that we give to first time guests to the church. It is a quick read, about two hours if a person sat down and read it straight through. The thing that amazed me is what God has taught me through reading this book the second time.

Let me just take a minute and get on my soapbox. I have people make snide remarks all the time about the number of books that I read. Christians will say, I don’t have time to read all the books you read, I just read my Bible. Can I just say that scripture is scripture no matter where you read it. If you read it in the Bible, it is scripture, if you read it in a book full of scripture like this one, it is scripture, if you read it online, it is scripture, if you read it in readers digest, it is scripture. So read scripture, no matter where it is, read it, mediate on it, study it.

That said, wow, every person needs to read this book.

Here are a few of the tweets I sent out while reading the book.

“Everybody is preoccupied with making a living, falling in love, having kids, so many other things. Not many people are thinking about heaven.”

“There is an internationally held assumption that is far from the truth, “Good People Go To Heaven.”

“Is it worth 1 hour to understand where you will spend eternity? Come to Church Outside The Box on Sunday 9 or 1030am. Downtown Hillsville.”

“Most Americans believe in heaven but few know the truth of how to get there.”

“If God appeared to you and asked “why should I let you into heaven” what would you say?”

“The mortality rate for humans is 100%. In other words, were all going to die. Do you care that you will live forever somewhere?”

“If you have to be good to get to heaven, how good is good enough?”

“I dare anybody to tell me just how good you have to be to go to heaven. I double dog dare you.”

“Almost 90% of Americans say they believe in heaven and they hope they’re going there.”

“Perhaps Bad People Go to Heaven, is that possible?”

“If Good people go to heaven then what is the definition of Good?”

“There is no promise of heaven in the Bible for those who keep the 10 Commandments.”

“What if God grades on a curve & Mother Teresa skewed the cosmic curve, raising the bar beyond what most if us are capable of.” Andy Stanley


I love when I study to teach others and God Rocks My world and that is exactly what God did to me today. Amazing how reading it the first time I didn’t see what I saw today. This book is worth two hours of your day. Every professing Christian should read this book.


no perfect people allowed (3)


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  1. Amen and Amen

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