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A letter from Pastor Ronnie to Out Of The Box WC – January 13th, 2013

237 people at Out Of The Box Worship Center this morning in the two services and what an awesome service it was. When I left home this morning and as I drove up the interstate to get to the building, there was a spirit of joy that was un-explainable except for The Holy Spirit of God. Once I got to OOTBWC there was the same spirit of joy in the praise team as they were warming up and getting ready to lead this morning. It was a feeling of freedom or I should say, a spirit of freedom. A freedom to praise God, a freedom to bask in His presence, and lets just say it was AWESOME.

Here are a couple of fb and twitter posts for you to see what I see.

“What a service Out Of The Box Worship Center this morning. Living the good life and hip hop to boot. Being a Christ follower does not make us good, it makes us forgiven. In our church, we have the right to be wrong but we don’t have the right to be mean to others. I would love to invite you to my church where anyone is welcome ♥” Rebecca Stanley Roberts

“Whoooohooo a rocking rolling morning at ootbwc#PraiseGod#ootbwc’ Sandra Patton

“This mornings service was AWESOME! The music was great!” Jenna Alderman

“Hip hop music in a CHURCH service. In southwest VA? That. Just. Happened. #ootbwc” Jay Holderfield

“Not only did church rock this morning, it hip-hop’d the house #ootbwc” Cheyenne Nester

“God is Holy-we are to be reverent, but I’m thankful to have a church family&a pastor that isnt afraid to be real&get in the trenches#ootbwc” Brenda Harmon

“Hip Hop at church this morning! So love my church family! We can’t change the Word, the Word changes us. #ootbwc #Word” Brenda Harmon

“Totally wrecked by the presence of God @OOTBWC” Pam Sutherland

“Every Sunday gets better and better. #ootbwc” Jacob Holderfield

“I have really enjoyed the last couple of Sundays that I have been at Out of the Box you sure have something good going on there. Keep it up.” Linda Hill

“Had a great time at church today (Out of the Box). The praise team did such a variety of music. The sermon was also spot on. Already looking forward to next Sunday.” Neal Roberts

“Alex came home from church so happy and so excited today… he got a coin from the youth’s mission trip to Nicaragua. He is so proud of it :)” Caroline Jones

“Yes we rap at church! We’re that awesome!” Shatlyn Ayers

“You know every week I think what a blessed and wonderfully cool Sunday at OOTBWC and every Sunday God blesses us with even more of well everything from hearing His message to the greatest praise team and wonderful friends and fellowship. Then the blessing of such precious children. God I praise you with all that I am. Your love and how You work before we even know brings joyful tears to my eyes. Thank You God for this wonderful place of worship. May OOTBWC be blessed and may many be blessed by You at OOTBWC. Help us God to reach out far and show people Jesus.” Sandra Patton

I don’t know what I can add except that I love you guys more and more every day.

Pastor Ronnie

Here is a short clip of the Hip Hop song from this morning.

no perfect people allowed (3)

out of the box logo


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