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Looking back at 2012

James 4:14

What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.

I turned 47 years old in 2012 and I understand better than ever what James is saying.

I am the pastor of a growing church, the husband of a wonderful wife, the father of three awesome children, and the grandfather of two of the greatest children in the world. I am a blessed man.

I Fasted the first 40 days of 2012.

I did much better with taking Sabbath in 2012.

I watched as our Hillsville Youth led worship at Resurrection before thousands in 2012.

I ran 1360 miles in 2012.

I trained a lot of miles to run a Marathon that I didn’t get to run. (sad)

I ran the Atlanta Half Marathon in 1:47, loved it.

I read 80 books in 2012.

I posted to the blog 299 times  and the blog was viewed 41,000 times in 2012.

I preached 120 times in 2012.

I preached a few revivals and two camp meetings.

I baptized several people in 2012, one of my favorite parts of ministry.

I officiated a few funerals and a few weddings.

I attended Ministers Convocation @ Lake Junaluska.

I traveled thousands of miles, mostly for ministry.

The family spent a day and night @ Dollywood. So much fun!

We started Wednesday Night Bible Study.

I attended March Forth for Children in Knoxville.

I attended and led The Holston Evangelism Conference in Knoxville

I experienced Exponential in Orlando.

I started serving on The Board Of Ordained Ministry for Wytheville UMC in 2012

I went on a week-long mission trip with our youth to Alabama.

The family vacationed a week @ Cherry Grove Beach. One of my favorite places.

I attended Annual Conference @ Lake Junaluska with the Family.

I made a lot of new friends and reconnected with some old ones in 2012.

The family spent 4 days in Pigeon Forge @ a Great Camp Ground, Loved it.

I have tried to answer a lot of WHY questions this year. So many are hurting.

I had a couple more places removed and tested for skin cancer, both were negative. 

I saw two great movies in 2012, Courageous and Avengers.

The family spent Labor Day Weekend in the Mountains of West Va, 4 Wheeling, it was awesome!

I read The Hunger Games Series and loved it.

I attended Catalyst in Atlanta and will never be the same.

I bought a new car in February and already 21,000 miles.

We spent a lot of time as a family around the fire pit, just talking, laughing, and eating, as a family and lots of friends.

Yes it was a busy year and maybe more busy than God ever intended for us to be but it is the pace of the world we live in. A lot was accomplished, a lot of memories were made and a lot of work was started that is now in progress. Matter of fact, I could fill a book with all that happened in 2012.

But 2012 is behind us, 2013 is before us, what will we do in 2013 that will have a lasting impact?

I will continue to run as long as my health allows it, it is my strength building exercise. It is where I de-stress, it is where I pray, it is where I fellowship with friends who love to run, it is awesome in my life.

I will continue to read everything I can get my hands on. It is what helps me to grow, prepares me to speak more than 100 times in a year, where I de-stress, where I pray, where I will always be a lifelong learner.

I will continue to preach, study, travel, sit by the fire, eat, laugh, make new friends, and spend time with old friends.

When 2013 is over, I want to look back and see all the lives that have been impacted and changed for God, that’s all that matters. I am doing that now with 2012 and it is humbling. There are times when I want to do my own thing and go my own way but I keep looking to heaven and that day that really will come sooner rather than later and I want to spend my life living for something, someone greater than myself.

Thank you God for another year of good health, great family and friends, and blessing.


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