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Book Notes: Leading So People Will Follow by Erika Anderson

Leading so people will follow


Erika Anderson is a new author for me, I had no knowledge until reviewing this book. It is an easy to read book that seems to be written with me in mind. There is really just a short piece on vision and hashing out a vision and it was very helpful for me. There is a piece on evaluating yourself as a leader, recognizing your strengths and weaknesses and then playing to your strengths while improving on the places where you are weak. Here are the 6 qualities Erika says a leader needs in order to have followers.

#1. Farsighted – Visionary who shares the vision constantly.

#2. Passionate – Remain committed despite adversity.

#3. Courageous – Make tough decisions, take risks personally, do the difficult things, take responsibility, apologize when wrong.

#4. Wise – Listen and act morally.

#5. Generous – Share power, authority, and knowledge, give praise, provide resources.

#6. Trustworthy – Tell the truth, follow through, hold a confidence.

This is really a great leadership book, one that I will use in 2013 to help me maneuver the places where I need to grow and develop my own gifts.

5 out of 5 stars.


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