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Book Notes: Fresh Air by Chris Hodges

Fresh Air


Fresh Air is another of the many books that were given to me at the Catalyst Conference in October in Atlanta. Sometimes the free books are the best ones. This is definitely a book worth reading. I would recommend this one to almost anyone but especially to those who are tired of the status quo, tired of living a defeated lifestyle, tired of just getting by spiritually.

The best chapter in the book in my opinion is chapter 7 “Enjoying Prayer.” In this chapter Chris discusses how we pray. Not King James prayers, not something that is staid and stale but rather something that is personal, like talking to someone you love. He uses the Wizard Of Oz movie and the fact that so many people picture God as the Wizard who is unapproachable, someone who isn’t interested in who we really are. On the contrary, God is extremely interested in us and in our being real. One example used is how we recite the Lord’s Prayer as if that is what Jesus meant for us to do and that is totally missing the mark. The disciples came to Jesus and asked him “teach us to pray” meaning, Jesus talked to God differently then they knew how to do, teach us to talk to God like you do Jesus. Jesus then gave us a pattern of prayer and not something to simply repeat.

The entire book is a Breath Of Fresh Air.



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