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Book Notes: Cross Roads by WM Paul Young

I first heard of Paul Young when someone suggested that I read his book, “The Shack.” I read that book and it was a game changer for me. It was one of those books that you read and it changes the way you see things. It didn’t change my theology, it changed my way of viewing some things. Paul Young has a gift of helping us use our imagination. Many people saw the book as controversial and those who did will also see this book as controversial. The book is FICTION!

If you are religious and like to find fault, you will not like this book and you won’t like Paul Young. On the other hand, if you are hurting, if you have hurt in the past and you are having a hard time seeing God in the pain, if you’re trying to get a grasp of who God is and how he behaves, you will love Paul Young and his books.

In the first book I cried through the first half of the book and in this one, “Cross Roads” I laughed so hard through most of the book. It is amazing in the midst of a tragic story there was great laughter and love and new understanding. I don’t want to give anything about the book away but I hope that you will read it and I believe if you do, you will fall even more in love with the Creator of this universe. I believe that you will come away with a better understanding of pain and suffering. I believe you will come away with a better understanding of forgiveness, grace, and true meaning in life.

And most of all I believe you will come away with a great understanding of the life-after.

I couldn’t put it down and would recommend you get it and devour it. One suggestion, if you haven’t read “The Shack” I would read that one first but it isn’t necessary for understanding.



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