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Book Notes: Connect by Nelson Searcy

“One thing we learn early on in our work as church leaders is that the church is a volunteer-run organization. Without people who are willing to serve, we can’t do what we’ve been called to do.”

Nelson Searcy

I am the pastor of a growing church and we recognize that without the volunteer ministers who work diligently every week, we wouldn’t be able to continue growing and thriving. We believe that every member is a minister and that every person is essential for the ministry that takes place. The reason I picked up this book is to see what other successful churches are doing to help their volunteers be successful and to help them recruit more volunteers.

It is a helpful book and I gained some things from it that will serve the ministry where I serve very well. In my opinion it is a foundation type of writing. In other words, it is a place where churches should start and then build from there.

Here are the “Foundations” in the book.

Foundation 1: Ministry means to serve.

Foundation 2: Serving is the act of putting the needs of others before our own needs.

Foundation 3: The goal of the ministry system is to help people become like Jesus.

Foundation 4: You cannot become like Jesus Christ unless you learn to be a servant.

Foundation 5: Serving opens people’s hearts to God and therefore is part of worship.

Foundation 6: If people aren’t serving, they aren’t truly worshiping and growing in their faith.

Foundation 7: Mobilizing people for ministry is part of discipleship. If someone in your church is not serving, he is not growing as a disciple.

Foundation 8: The role of the pastor is to equip people for ministry.

I really like the books that Nelson Searcy writes and believe that we could take his series on “Systems” in the church and do well. Here are a few nuggets from the book, Connection.


“More people are reached for Christ when more people are connected in places of service.”

“Just as a cardiac failure would be devastating to the other systems in your body, a weak ministry system inhibits every area of your church.”

“The word “ministry” simply means to serve.”

“The truth is, when people serve, they become more like Jesus.”


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