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My brother’s girl, Sophie

Yesterday was a sad kinda day but there was joy also. Just over two years ago when my brother died, we were given the gift of his two dogs, Sophie and Gracie. Sophie would be somewhere around 12 or 3 years old now and she was my brothers girl. Keith never allowed dogs in the house, except for Sophie. In the winter Keith would always let Sophie in at night to sleep where it was warm, he loved her a lot. Needless to say, Sophie became a great comfort to me as a link to my brother. Yesterday there was an accident and Sophie was hit by a car. She had lost almost all of her hearing in the last two years and was just unable to sense the danger. She was hurt too badly and we had to put her down last night. It was a hard thing to do, the boys were very upset and crying but they are OK. We talked about animals in heaven and we talked about the fact that Sophie and Keith are now together again. Matter of fact, I had just looked Sophie in the eye this Saturday and said, “you’re going to get to see Keith again soon.” I had no idea it would be so soon, I was just going by her age and her failing health. Sad but joyous. We will see Sophie again, in heaven.


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  1. Prayers for you and your family!! Animals are part of your family and so full of love.. they know you and you know them. So glad they were there for you during your difficult time. Praying that God keeps his arms wrapped around you and your family for peace and comfort. Keith was a great guy!! So when tomorrow starts without Sopie….don’t think be sad, for every time you think of Sopie, She will be right in your heart.

    Comment by Sherry | September 26, 2012 | Reply

  2. We love our pets, don’t we, Ronnie. Mental image of a happy reunion between Keith + Sophie. Esau is in good company while he waits……

    Comment by Betsy | September 26, 2012 | Reply

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