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Book Notes: “Weird” by Craig Groeschel


We are doing a series of sermons based around the concepts of this book and I am pretty excited. I learned about Craig a couple of years ago and started to listen to some of his sermons and read some of his printed material. He is a man that I believe really does have a heart for God and a heart to see other people come to know Him as well.

Craig’s book is all about Christianity being lived out as God intended us to live it out. Not as cookie cutter Christians but as individuals who have a unique relationship with Jesus Christ and individuals who embrace life and not just letting life happen to us. Be who God has called us and redeemed us to be.

Just think about it. Jesus said a lot of Weird things. At least they are weird by the world’s standard. Pray for those who mistreat you, if someone hits you on one cheek then turn the other to them also, bless those who curse you. Come on, these things go against the grain of everything we are ever taught. Yet, Jesus, God, created us and He knows what is best for us, he knows what works.

Who are you going to listen to? The world tells us what it thinks is best and what will make us happy, wealthy, and healthy. Problem is, it ain’t working, do you know what I mean?

Why don’t we stop trying to be what the world calls normal and start being Weird in a God way?


I give the book 4 of 5 stars.


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