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Book Notes: Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald


After doing an extended fast this year and losing 40 pounds, I realized once again how much easier it is to do what I love (Running) at a much greater level in all aspects. It is much easier to do long distances, and it is much more comfortable. Not to mention how much easier it is on my knees and back.

I picked this book up to see what I could learn about getting on a regimen that would help to maintain the loss I already experienced as well and give me energy for running plenty of miles. I have learned several things from the read and I have enjoyed it. However, I believe it better fits a person who is a pro athlete or at least one that is spending a greater deal of time on the sport of running for more than recreation and exercise.

Here are a few things that were helpful.

“A runner weighing 160 pounds has to muster about 6.5 percent more energy to run the same pace as a runner weighing 150 pounds.” (What does this say to a runner who weighs 200 pounds? You do the math.)

“Two thirds of Americans in the general population are overweight.”

Low Carbohydrate diets are in-effective for athletes.

I started using MyFitnessPal app for my android phone and it does help with knowing how many calories are actually going into your body.

“Stress causes weight gain in two ways. First, the primary stress hormone cortisol promotes fat storage, particularly in the abdominal region. Second, some but not all individuals respond to stress by eating more and by seeking out comforting high calorie foods such as potato chips and candy.” (This means with a high stress job, I am in trouble.)

Be consistent – Rest is necessary but be consistent.

High mileage is a better way to get lean than calorie restriction.

It is a good book with lots of helpful information. However, there are plenty available on a level for those of us who just love to run.





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