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Book Notes: “Why” by Adam Hamilton


OK, I read a lot of good books and this one is going on the top of the shelf. I recommend it and I have gained great insight from it. It is written in non theological terms, much like most of Adam Hamilton’s work and I appreciate that. When I say non theological, I do not mean the book is un-biblical but rather the book uses language that everyone can understand and not have to keep a dictionary close.

Adam and I do not agree on everything but I would say on most. This book and its conclusion is one that we definitely agree upon. In Adam’s book he tackles some of the hardest questions we struggle with. Why do bad things happen? Why do people die? Why doesn’t God answer my prayer? and several more.

The overwhelming take home from this book is that we misunderstand who God is and how God behaves. We have heard through the years so many thing about God that the Bible really doesn’t teach and we have heard them from sources that we take for granted they know what they are talking about. Sad to say, we have gotten some very bad information through the years.

God never promised to make everyone well in this life.

God never promised everyone would be wealthy in this life.

God never said that if we lived for Him and tried our best that everything would go well for us.

God never said that being good gained us favor above others in this life.

As a matter of fact, the Bible teaches us that if we follow God’s will as laid out in scripture, we may very well face hardship because of it. This is a fact of scripture.

“As I began to actually read the Bible I found that my assumptions about what the Bible taught were wrong. The sweeping message of the Bible is not a promise that those who believe and do good will not suffer. Instead the Bible is largely a book about people who refused to let go of their faith in the face of suffering.” Adam Hamilton

“Twenty to thirty thousand people die every day of diseases related to starvation and malnutrition. Is this God’s will? Or is God’s will that those who have resources work to help those who do not? The clear message of Scripture is the latter.” Adam Hamilton

“When non-Christians hear Christians say things like “everything happens for a reason” and “it must have been the will of God,” they are left with an impression of God that is hardly loving and just, but instead a picture of God who wills evil and suffering in the world.” Adam Hamilton

“Our primary aim should be to glorify God, not to be honored or to be healthy or to be happy.” Adam Hamilton

There is so much truth packed into this small book, one that you can read in a day or two if you love to read and maybe just a couple of hours if you are interested in this subject. There is something here for every Christian and Non Christian alike. For Christians we need to know the truth and think about the things we say on behalf of the God we serve. We need to know Him better and understand Him more and here is a great help. For non Christians, this book will help you to understand that we do not serve a God who is a monster. We do not serve a God that just stands by and watches as people suffer. We serve a God who loves us and wants us to make wise decisions. We serve a God that loves us enough to give us free will and not make us robots.

I give this one 6 out of 5 stars…



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