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Spend more time at Funerals

Solomon is said to be the wisest person to ever have lived. I hear many people quote from his wisdom writings. However, I seldom if ever hear anyone quote the following piece of wisdom that Solomon shared in Ecclesiastes 7:2

It’s better to go to a funeral
    than to attend a feast;
funerals remind us
    that we all must die.


I have two funerals to attend this week and being a pastor has probably caused me to be at more funerals than the average person. I have been to quite a few in the past several years and have been the officiating clergy in several of them. Funerals are difficult to do on the one hand but on the other hand, they can be very meaningful and even life changing.

Death entered the world at the time of the fall of Adam and Eve. We were originally created to live forever but sin changed everything. Everything except eternity. You see, I believe Solomon had a lot of wisdom in this statement for several reasons. First and foremost it is reality, we will all die a physical death if the Lord tarries. We spend most of our lives as if we are going to live forever in this world and we ignore, push it aside, and even deny that this life is not all there is. We need a new perspective. We need to illustrate for the world that we will live for eternity with God in heaven and by the way, heaven is right here, on a recreated earth. Life in heaven is not floating around on a cloud and NO, we will not be angels. We will be human beings with a purpose to live, a purpose to explore, a purpose to worship. Sounds a lot like what we do now. Exactly

The Bible teaches that heaven is a real place, it is the place we will spend eternity if we know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. If we believe this then we need to live differently. This doesn’t mean that we celebrate death, NO, never. We never want to lose the people that we love, that would be insane. But we do need to focus on the fact that our loved ones are not gone forever, we do need to focus on the fact that we need to tell others before their death, we do need to be living for eternity and not just for the here and now.

Attend more funerals, be realistic about life and death. It might just help us to keep Eternal Life in proper perspective.



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