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Book Notes: The Power Of Vision


Book number 2 on vision that I have been reading this month. Of the three that I have read, this was the easiest one for me to read. It seemed on a more relational basis or a non text book type of read. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and came out with about 13 pages of notes.

Barna says that not even 1 in 10 pastors can articulate a vision for the ministry for which God has called them and even-though I have great vision, it has sometimes been hard to explain what it was that I was able to see. This book has been helpful.

Both of the book I read to this point have made a point to say that vision is not easy. Nehemiah spent a time in prayer and fasting before he could see God’s vision clearly for his life and it may very well take such measures for us. As a matter of fact I would suggest that we should fast and pray for a period of time when it comes to something this important.

“Duke Ellington, the late jazz musician, composer and renowned bandleader, was once asked to provide a definition of rhythm. “If you got it,” he replied, “you don’t need no definition. And if you don’t have it, ain’t no definition gonna help.”

“Vision is never about maintaining the status quo.”

Vision is about stretching reality to extend beyond the existing state. Thus, vision is required even when the church is in a good position; vision is not just for churches that are struggling with their present state. To create a better situation in which to minister, you can either rely upon random circumstance and hope that the result is better than what has existed, or you can assert control over your environment, based on God’s empowerment and direction, and make a better future.

Vision is specific, detailed, customized, distinctive and unique to a given church. It allows a leader to say no to opportunities, provides direction, empowers people for service and facilitates productivity.

“Vision is not the result of consensus; it should result in consensus.”

A good vision will require continual change, something that is growing, as a church should be, will be in constant change.



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