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Book Notes: Developing A Vision For Ministry


This is the second book I have read by Aubrey Malphurs and both have been well written and very helpful for ministry. I believe that I could safely recommend anything this gentleman writes. I read this book in preparation for hashing out a vision for the ministry I am a part of, along with a couple others.

Malphurs says that many ministries have different leaders with different visions and that is not a good thing. In order to reach the potential God has set out for us, we need to be on a team with a unified vision. “A vision is a portrait of your ministries future.”

Leaders must live the vision and vision equals passion. I like that, I am a person who is passionate about what God has called me to do and the passion that I feel is the vision that God has planted within me.

All of the books I have read say that a good vision takes time, do not rush through something just to have a document. Take the time to make sure it is God’s vision for you and your ministry. You will need that assurance because vision brings questions and criticism.

It is the responsibility of the point person or the leader in the church or organization to lead the visioning process. god gives the vision to the leader who leads that vision with passion before the congregation and instills in them a like passion.

A good read and one that I would give 5 of 5 stars.



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