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Thoughts on church…

I think a lot about the church because it is where God has called me to serve. As a pastor I get to see the best and the worst of anything and everything that happens in and around church. I’m not going to talk about the bad stuff here because I really believe that with all of its flaws, God is still using the church to change lives.

When I first got really involved in going to church it was about 1985. I had been to church before then but it was then that I knew it was where I belonged. I remember that I couldn’t wait for the doors to open the next time so that I could be there to soak in the teaching, preaching, and the fellowship of others. That was the day when there were revivals people would come from surrounding churches and you would have a crowd. That was the day when there was a baptism the whole church came to the event, that was the day when we went door to door asking people if they knew Jesus Christ and we would ask to share the gospel with them.

I remember burning all of my cassette tapes (lol) that were not exclusively Christian because I just thought that was what I needed to do. I remember being very much a pharisee in pointing out the faults of others. In the end, I don’t regret all that, it is part of the growth process that God brought me through. Today, I still don’t own too many secular CDs or MP3s but it’s not because I don’t think I should listen to them anymore, it is just simply because I don’t listen to that much music outside of worship. I don’t go to many revivals anymore because life is so busy and I just believe we have moved past that move of God in the church.

I remember thinking that I had to dress nice to go to church and today I preach in blue jeans and t-shirts. I remember thinking that I needed to read The King James Version of the Bible and today I read almost anything but that version. It is still a good translation but I do not believe it is the best or even the most accurate.

I remember thinking it was horrible to see people mowing their yard on Sunday and now I preach every Sunday and Sunday is one of my most exhausting work days. (Pharisee)

I remember the potluck dinners when the entire church would come and bring so much food it was impossible to eat it all and today when we have a potluck only a few at best show up. (Maybe it is time to do something different)

I remember when every church would have Sunday School, Sunday morning worship (it was at 11am and you didn’t dare change that) then you came back at 6pm for Sunday night worship. On Tuesday night we went on visitation and we were back at church on Wednesday night for Bible Study. In reality, I loved it and it was all that being at church that helped to make me who I am today. However today much of this has changed or is trying to change.

In the church a lot of people are grieving that things are changing and many people are trying to hold on to the past. We are going to have to look forward and embrace the new tools that God has given us to reach the world. Yes we still have Sunday morning services, yes many people still have mid-week Bible study, yes, a few people still have Sunday evening services. In some places these tools are still working but in large part, they are not.

Today we live in a “Connected” world. Things have changed and the church is going to have to live in a sea of constant change in order to reach the world for Christ.

Just my random thoughts on a Monday morning.



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