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Passion to dislocate coffee lids…

“I want the passion of Eugene Ormandy, who dislocated his shoulder while conducting the Philadelphia orchestra.”

Leonard Sweet

But rather than pursuing music at that level, I want this type of passion for Jesus and a Jesus passion for the world. Too many Christians haven’t had a passion great enough to dislocate their coffee lid, let alone a shoulder.

When you live out of your passion, you don’t drag yourself out of bed and head to work. In fact, you don’t work a day in your life. You serve, you play, you help, you love, you suffer. You were born to play in these ways, not to work at getting through life. In fact, when the Christian tradition uses the word passion to refer to Jesus’s suffering and death, it means two things: love and willingness to suffer.

I don’t know what I could possibly add to these words of Len Sweet. All I can do is sit here and recite the “Christian Moo.” This is when someone says something profound and all that comes out of you audibly is mmmmmm…

Far too many Christians have made a profession of faith and that is as far as it goes. Far too many Christians come to church on Sunday morning or whenever it is convenient and that is all of the Christianity they experience. Far too many Christians leave all of the work to a few. Far too many Christians have lots of passion for the lake, the ball team, the races, hunting, shopping, etc, etc, etc…

Far too many Christians have no passion for the One they profess.

I’m no one’s judge nor jury but I have been called as a pastor to correct those in the church.

What is your passion?

What are you excited about?

Have you dislocated any coffee lids lately?



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