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Out of the Box Youth Mission Trip 2012

It is that time again, “Youth Mission Trip.” God has done some pretty amazing things through our youth mission trips, Out of the Box Youth Center and it’s existence being one of them. You may or may not know the story, you can search the blog and find several blog posts concerning our start and the miracles God has done.

This year we are doing something different. We are traveling to Alabama and working with Team Effort to get a house damaged in last years Tornado ready to live in again. This is really different from the inner city work we typically do with the homeless. I can’t wait to see what it is God is going to do in the group this year but even more than that. What will God do that will change the lives of even more youth in Carroll County?

You can follow us here through the week to see what we are up to and you can find out more about Team Effort here.

Pray for a safe trip as we embark on a new adventure this Sunday, right after church.

Here is the Camp we will be working with. North Alabama Disaster Relief c-38-northern-alabama-disaster-relief.php

“The devastating tornado that ripped through Northern Alabama was one of the deadliest in recent memory leaving widespread damage in its path, including lost homes and displaced families. The rebuilding process, especially for the low income and elderly will go on long after the media has lost interest. This summer your group can join relief teams from all over the country to build and repair homes and help families re-establish their lives.”


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