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Suffering – Why???

Suffering, have you ever wondered why God allows suffering? I know I have, as a matter of fact I have to keep being reminded why, even after I know the answer. Suffering is the subject of my sermon this Sunday and it will also be the subject of Three Minute Thursday this week.

Suffering is universal, it happens to everyone and every created being, it is no respecter of persons nor of animals.

Suffering comes in physical, emotional, and mental pain. Suffering comes in the form of disease, death, and broken hearts., and it seems never-ending. Even Jesus, the creator of the universe suffered. God the Father had to also have suffered when He witnessed His only Son hanging on a cross, naked, beaten, and mocked.


I hope you will follow along this week and see what God wants to teach us. I will be posting thoughts and questions on social media, I will blog about the matter before us, on Thursday I will do a Three Minute Thursday and post it to facebook and the blog, and then on Sunday I will preach what God has placed on my heart. I hope you will get involved and bring along some friends, maybe someone who is going through a really hard time.



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