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Book Review: Temptation by Charles Stanley

I read this book the first time in 1988 when it was first published. It is one that I have kept around because there are just some authors who are strong and solid enough that their work is worth reading again and again. I find Dr. Charles Stanley to be one of the most thorough Bible teachers alive today.

In the book Dr. Stanly goes back and talks about when sin entered the world and thus the temptation of Adam and Eve. We all know that they took the bait of temptation and the human race has followed suit since that time. Dr. Stanley makes a very convincing and encouraging case for why we should continue to fight the fight. It is the battle that ensues between us and satan that makes us who we are, God mlds us through our willingness to stand strong.

Giving in to sin always leads to the death of something or someone. Relationships, marriages, etc…

This is a great little book and a fast read. It should be required reading for Christians…



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