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Book Review: Prayer by Richard Foster


This is my second time through this great book. Let me just say, anytime Richard Foster writes a book, it is going to be good and it is not going to be fluff. Foster is one of the deepest thinkers that I read. Foster is one of the best at relating the truths of scripture so that everyone can relate. With this said, he doesn’t take the easy approach to any subject and I believe from his writings, he lives what he writes. I am reading another Classic by him now, “The Celebration of Discipline” and it is equally great.

This is not a book that you will want to read through fast, I just did because I am preaching on the Spiritual Application of Prayer on Sunday morning and I just wanted a refresher of what Foster had to say on the subject. There are many works on prayer and this has to be one of the top 10, at least in a lot of people’s view, including mine. It may actually be number one for this Century.

Foster covers here just about every issue of prayer one can think of. From prayer for others to healing prayer to just having a prayer life, a life of communicating with the Creator of the Universe. Good, Solid, Biblical, worth your time and the money to purchase this book. This is one that will always be on my reference shelf as with any book Foster writes. Some book are good for one read, not this one, it is good for life reference.



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