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Sabbath Prediction for 2012

It is funny, I was reading an article recently in Leadership Magazine and I was convicted by the fact that I didn’t trust God enough to practice Sabbath. God said “Remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy, and this is simply something most of us have forgotten or ignored and not necessary for us in our time. It may be that we just do not believe that things will get done if we take a day of rest.

I was convicted by that article and I am convinced and started taking my Sabbath last week. I intend to keep this command from this time.

This morning I was reading the CNN belief Blog and some predictions for 2012 and the faith communities and I found this quote.

“Sabbath becomes trendy! Fourth Commandment makes a comeback! Sabbath named Time’s person of the year! A new movement sweeps the country. They call themselves 24/6. Worn out by being tethered to the grid 24/7, sick of being accessible all hours of the day, inundated by updates, upgrades, and breaking news, Americans finally rebel, demanding, “We need a day off.” People all over the country go offline for 24 hours every week. The simple break from the frenetic pace results in lowered cholesterol rates, fewer speeding tickets, and a reduction in marital strife. Peace, tranquility and contentment spread like wildfire.”
–Jamie Korngold, rabbi and author of “The God Upgrade”

Very interesting and time we get back to doing it God’s way.



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