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Book Review: Communicating for a Change

I like almost anything Andy Stanley writes or preaches for that matter. This is a great book to read for anyone who is learning to communicate or for someone who just wants to communicate better. It is more for preaching and public speaking and less for teaching, Andy says in the book that his style for preaching and teaching are very different.

There is a lot of help for learning to put together a message that a person can relate without notes or at least with minimal notes and that is my aim, no notes. In order to preach without notes we have to own the story and to own the story we have to spend considerable time with it.

I have picked up some valuable tools for my public speaking tool box in this quick read and I highly recommend it to others.


From the book:

“Let’s face it, the reason so many churches are half full on Sunday morning is because a whole bunch of people decided not to come back. Why? The preacher didn’t give ’em anything to come back for. There were plenty of points, but nothing worth coming back for the following week.”

“Are you willing to abandon a style, an approach, a system that was designed in another era for a culture that no longer exists?”



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