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Book Review – D.L. Moody “The American Evangelist

I am preaching a series called “World Changers” and Dwight Lyman Moody is one of the people whom God has used to bring change and wow what a story. D.L. Moody is credited with leading one million people to Jesus Christ in his lifetime and it is untold how many people were impacted by him to win even more to Christ, as well as people like me who are still being impacted by his life in 2011.

Moody didn’t start out as a preacher, he started with a small class for Sunday School at the YMCA and that grew into a desire to have a place for more children. Moody went out and rented a train car and filled it with boys every Sunday morning and there came a time when they had to move to larger spaces. There actually came a time when Moody was leading Sunday School for more than 600 boys and girls in the Chicago area every Sunday morning.

He had very little in the way of schooling and his spelling was horrible until later in life. Moody is one that seemed unlikely to succeed. It is absolutely amazing what God does with the people we would vote least likely to succeed. However, Moody was very successful in the business world, it was preaching and teaching he didn’t feel adequate for.

A man once said in Moody’s hearing “The world has yet to see what God will do with a man who is devoted totally to Him.” D.L. Moody immediately said, “I want to be that man.”

There is a great record of Mood’s work and life lived for God here in this book, devour it, imitate his devotion and his work ethic, and let’s change the world.





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