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Love for each other deeply…

who through Christ are faithful to the God who raised him from the dead and gave him glory. So now, your faith and hope should rest in God. As you set yourselves apart by your obedience to the truth so that you might have genuine affection for your fellow believers, love each other deeply and earnestly. (1 Peter 1:21, 22 CEB)

I was pondering the question last week, “why don’t all Christians truly love each other?”

So many times in the church there are disagreements, there are things that happen that make some unhappy while making others overjoyed. These things are all part of life and will be until Jesus returns.

So why don’t the people who say they are Christians agree to disagree and not take things personally every time something doesn’t go to suit their liking best? How is it that CHRISTIANS can talk about one another behind their backs, criticize each other and at times not speak to their brothers and sisters in Christ?

I was in a bank line in recent months and ran into someone who works in a church. I said to them “How do you like working in a church?” here is the response I wasn’t expecting. “You Christians love each other to your face, you hug each other and say how wonderful God is and as soon as one leaves the other says “bi£¥h”

I couldn’t bring myself to spell it out on my blog. It is sad and the scripture gives us the reason this is so. It is not that every person who is mean is not a Christian. The answer is that those who behave this way are NOT BEING OBEDIENT TO THE TRUTH.

There truly are people who love God who can be mean but it can’t last for long. Not if you want any fellowship with the Father. God loves each one of us equally as His dear children. Every time you put down a brother or sister in Christ just imagine slamming your biological brother or sister to your earthly dad. It doesn’t fly and it doesn’t fly with God.

Be obedient, you have been set apart to demonstrate Christ to the world, love each other deeply.



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