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Vacation thoughts #2

Day 2 of Vacation was Awesome and man we were tired.

We spent the entire day in Dollywood with Dusty, Debbie, and Alexis Kite. We didn’t plan vacation together, it is just a blessing of God that we were all here together.

The greatest part of the day was the laughter and fellowship with the Kites and the family, priceless. The 2nd best part of the day was the water rides. Samuel had so much fun, Judah is still a little young to enjoy most of them. We spent some time with the little kid rides and Samuel & Judah both enjoyed them.

We left the campground at 9am and returned at 10pm. Needless to say, we went straight to bed. We don’t know what today holds but it should be fun.

The one thing that stands out to us most is the “hospitality” of the people in Tennessee. I have been saying for several years in my favorite vacation spot “Myrtle Beach” there is no hospitality anymore. We will definitely be coming back here.

The people at the campground “Pine Mountain” have been great. All the folks at Dollywood were awesome. The hospitality there is so much better than anywhere else like it I have been. For instance, free ice water, all day long, as much as you want. This may seem trivial but at Carrowinds there is no such thing as free water, you pay a premium price.

642am, Samuel just came out of the camper and said “I want to go swimming”. Awesome kid!



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