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The Perfect Weekend with a Flat Tire

Our family loaded up the vehicles for a weekend in the mountains early Friday morning. Family, friends, 4 wheelin, and just relaxing. This was our 2nd time on the Outlaw Trails and we rode just over 30 miles. On the way home our trailer had a flat tire.


I have owned this trailer for 14 years and pulled it thousands of miles. Including to the beach and other Vacations. I have never had a spare tire for it and I have never had a flat on it. About three weeks ago my dad said to me, “You really don’t need to travel without a spare” and the next day he went to the junk yard and found a spare and gave it to me.

So how can a weekend be perfect with a flat tire?

#1. If the tire had gone flat on the way Friday we would have likely came home but it didn’t. (The spare really needs a better tire & it probably wouldn’t have made it there and back)

#2. We had just came out of one of the tunnels when the flat happened. So thankful it wasn’t on the inside.

#3. I have an earthly father who still watches after me and helps me out, so I had a spare tire.

#4. Flats happen all the time, that is why we carry spares and there is no way I am going to let a flat tire ruin such an awesome weekend.



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