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This is a moment and event in my life and ministry I have anticipated for a long time, my ordination. On Sunday evening June 12th Bishop James Swanson, Rev. Ramon Torres, Rev. Ty Harrison, and Rev Meg Taylor placed their hands on me and prayed a prayer of ordination. I wish I could have heard the individual prayers of each one but that was impossible, however I did feel the power of God in those hands and in the prayers.

This is a new chapter in my life and ministry and I can feel the shaking and the moving that is happening in the heavens. It is amazing with all that action there is an amazing calmness in my spirit and that is the Holy Spirit at work. I am honored, humbled, ecstatic, overjoyed, and ready.


In the above picture, left to right. Rev. Ty Harrison, Rev. Ramon Torres, and Rev. Ronnie G Collins

I have served with Ty for 7 years at 1st UMC Hillsville and for the past 6 months through Out of the Box Worship Center. Ty has taught me a lot and I am forever grateful. Ramon is the person God used to bring me into the UMC. I have learned a great deal from Ramon, he is a dear friend and a great leader and mentor in my life and ministry. These two men have invested a lot of time and energy in my life and ministry and I in turn will do the same for others.



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