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Book Review: Running with Joy by Ryan Hall

I downloaded this book for some general encouragement in my running and for the fact that I knew Ryan to be a Christian and I wanted to see what impact Christ has had on his running.

Here is a quote that intrigued me and I wanted to call it to attention.

“I was overweight, out of shape, discouraged, and battling bouts of depression.”

This is the guy who has run 26.2 mile marathons faster each mile than I do any of my miles even in a 3.1 mile race, and he struggles with the same thing that I struggle with. This book by Ryan is good in many ways. It is good in the fact it allows us to see that we are all equal in this world. We are all called to do different things but we are all equipped to be who it is God has called us to be as individuals.

We tend to think that someone like Ryan who has set National and World records in a sport like running would lead a glamorous and exciting life all the time. The fact is, his life is just like mine and yours. There are great and high times and there are low and boring times, as well as times of depression.

It is highly unlikely that I will ever run a race as fast as Ryan but I can learn from his struggles, his way of training, and his successes.

“On January 14, 2007, I found out why that seed was planted. In my first half-marathon, I ran an American record of 59:43 in another euphoric moment of ease.”

“I went back to the London Marathon and finished fifth in 2:06:17 (a 4:48 per mile pace). It was the second-fastest marathon time ever run by an American.”

“My nutritional advice is to enjoy putting high-caliber food into your body, treating your body well, and letting it find its proper weight for you based on your lifestyle.”




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