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More Hugs

Tommy was incorrigible in a Sunday School class. The teacher finally took him out of the room, looked Tommy straight in the eye and started to reprimand him. But then, he saw anger in Tommy’s face.

Instead of a lecture, he gave Tommy a big hug and told him that he was one of the smartest boys he knew. the teachers words surprised himself, as well as Tommy. When he returned to the class, Tommy didn’t cause any more problems.

As class dismissed, Tommy said; “My dog died yesterday. My dad came home yesterday and yelled at me because I forgot to close the gate. My dog got out and got hit by a car.”

He looked at the teacher and said; “Do you really think I’m smart?” “Yes, I think you’re very smart.”

When Tommy left the class that day there was a smile on his face.

We’ve all left gates open. We’ve all blown it. Whether we’re a kid or an adult, we all need fewer lectures and more hugs.

From Perceptions by Jeff Spiller


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