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Book Review: Laughing Matters

I picked this book up after reading Phil Callaway’s latest one and enjoying it so much. After reading several pages I realized I must have this book somewhere back home in my library. I remember reading a lot of the stuff here but I am glad that I read it again.

This book has been a reminder to me that we need to laugh more and take ourselves much less serious. I know there is a time to laugh and a time to cry and as the Bible says there is a time for everything under the sun but I believe we have almost forgotten how to laugh.

Here are a few lines from the book.

“In the wake of personal tragedy or overwhelming obstacles, those who know where to look are able to find joy.”

“I’m thankful for the valleys. Nothing grows up on the mountain; growth takes place down where the dirt is.”

“I’m thankful for the dark. It’s the only time I can see the stars. I’m thankful that my hope is not fixed on the stuff of this earth. That I’ve got more than tomorrow to look forward to. I’ve got eternity.”

“Could it be that our greatest struggles are also our greatest launching pads to joy, success, and influence?”

“Those who laugh the hardest don’t laugh because life is easy, but because they have felt God’s hand of mercy on their shoulders.”

These are just some real life quotes to help us see the need for finding true joy and unbridled laughter in our lives. As Christians, we should be laughing together in the midst of the pain and trial. We have the promise of eternity.

This is a great book, I recommend it highly. This book will help you to set some priorities in your faith and life.



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