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Monday Morning May 2nd, 2011

It seems that this day is like any other Monday morning but I want it to be different and it will be. This day will be talked about in the future because we just heard about Osama Bin Lauden being killed late last night. It is amazing by the way that twitter seems to have been the first place the news was broken. When I first heard the President was going to make an announcement and that no details of the announcement or the nature of it were given, twitter soon started sharing the news. It was out there in the twittersphere long before our President ever spoke and long before the news ststions started to carry the story.

Anyway, that is not what I want this day to be remembered for. I want this day to be one that Christians, beginning with me, decide to live radical lives for Jesus Christ. I want it to be the day that we finally start behaving like we believe what we say we do. If this happens our churches will not be asking for money to pay the bills, our neighbors will not be going hungry, people will no longer be treated rudly by a Christian just because one of us had to wait in line for a few minutes, and people all around us will begin to see that Jesus really is making a difference in our lives.

Twitter was lit up last night with the news and of course now the television stations are a buzz with the details. It breaks my heart as I see what people have to say about the incident. How people forget that we are Christians and start to justify posting mean spirited things because of what has happened. Remember that we are Christians first and it should always have an impact on the things that we say and do.

Today, May 2nd 2011 will be remembered, lets make sure today is remembered for the difference that Christ has made in our lives.



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